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Quick Cut Greens Harvester

  • $559.00

No more kneeling, no more knives or scissors. One person can easily cut over 175 lb. per hour! Powered by a cordless drill, the Quick Cut harvester's serrated blade makes a smooth, clean cut. A rolling macramé brush pulls individual leaves into the blades and then throws them to the back of the basket. This unique design allows the Quick Cut to harvest sparse stands of salad ingredients as effortlessly as it harvests full stands. The neat, clean surface it leaves behind is perfect for those planning on a second harvest from the same bed. The harvester is just as effective when the crop is more mature or "leggy." Keeping the harvester blade sharp is critical for a good clean cut. We have found the Work Sharp tool sharpener to work really well for this.

The Quick Cut has a universal mount which will accept almost any cordless drill; 18V drills work best (not included). Weighs 6.5 lb. without a drill. Add another 4-5 lb., depending upon your drill. Made in USA. Model #1503

If you are harvesting Microgreens we have a new product that is an attachment for the greens harvester which makes it easy to harvest trays. You can check out the Quick Stand here.

We recommend keeping some replacement parts on hand, in case of a breakdown, to protect against costly down time. Here you can find a kit we have put together for this purpose. 

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