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Discounted CoolBot

  • $280.00

You can build an affordable walk-in cooler powered by a CoolBot and a standard air conditioning unit. Building a CoolBot-driven cooler will save you money in upfront costs, monthly electricity bills, and expensive technician visits compared to conventional systems. From apples to zucchinis, farmers around the world have trusted the CoolBot with their walk-in cooling needs. A CoolBot-driven system can be used to store inventory at refrigerated temperatures in any climate. Whether it’s a short time in the cooler from harvest to a CSA pickup, or a longer storage time to find the best markets for your high value crops, adding a walk-in cooler to your farm keeps your produce fresh and your business strong.

When storing inventory, specific crops have ideal temperature ranges. For farmers growing multiple crop varieties, we generally recommend keeping your cooler 38°F – 40℉ (3.3°C – 4.4℃). Using this temperature range ensures that produce as diverse as cold-loving lettuce and warmer squash can be stored effectively.


Save Money with CoolBot

Over 30,000 farmers, florists, hunters, breweries, bars, restaurants and wine lovers have saved thousands with the CoolBot.

Come see how a CoolBot stacks up against the traditional walk-in cooler refrigeration technology!

CoolBot Economic Advantages
  1. 18K BTU LG air conditioner pricing per [accessed on 5/21/2016]. Top Mount Self Contained Refrigeration Unit (1.5 HP) for 8′ x 12′ x 7’2.25″ Amerikooler Walk-in Storage Cooler per ModernStore [accessed 7/27/2016]
  2. Quote in Denver, Colorado for a standard walk-in cooler refrigeration system installation [quote received on 5/17/2016]
  3. 41.7% energy savings when comparing a CoolBot-driven system versus a conventional refrigeration system for a simulated cooler. The simulated cooler was 250 square feet, located in Albany, and set at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. See page 13 of the NYSERDA report.


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